Nairobi Half Life original music

July 3rd Supersoul Recordings will finally release the original score to the award winning movie Nairobi Half Life.

In 2010 Xaver von Treyer went to Kenya to record exotic instruments like the Obokano and Nyatiti and to get a vibe of the local music scene, where genge (a mixture of Dancehall and Hip Hop with Swahili singing and rapping) and reggae are omnipresent, even on public transportation like Matatus (a minivan packed with people and Kingston-like soundsystems). People drive to work with blasting good vibe music every day, the drivers are also the DJs and get yelled or cheered at depending on the popularity of the song.

Local producer Eric Musyoka (also named Kenya’s Dr. Dre) helped Xaver connecting witn the right people and even provided some sampled material of local instruments that gave the music a true african vibe.

The movie was nominated for best soundtrack at this years Africa Movie Academy Award hosted in Yenagoa, Nigeria as well as for 8 other categories, two of which where won (sounddesign by Eric Musyoka and best upcoming actor Babu).

The track you are hearing here is an extension of one of the tension themes where the gang goes to steal parts from cars in the middle of the Nairobi business district…

03.09.2012, 17.45

Electric Mist video (from The Torino Scale)

13.01.2012, 12.09

Love Is A Drum…

02.12.2011, 10.28

Device Of The Devil - limited 12” single sided w/ etching (111 copies) with personalized initials stenciled into the sleeve for each buyer. Already not many left. If you didn’t pre-order you should be quick now…

Finally it arrived and I managed to start customising the copies for all buyers of this rather elaborate 12” inch release of mine. On the right side of this blog you find a mini Paypal shop where you can purchase your own copy. Make sure to select the correct shipping option for you country and state the initials you want on it. From 1 to 4 letters anything goes. Should your name bear 2 same letters as initials it will be displayed by the letter and the number 2 (eg: Mike Moore will be M2).

Quotes from DJs:

Trevor Jackson: Blinding!

Arnaud Rebotini: Xaver is the best…

Cosmo Vitell: Ace. Bravo!

Ivan Smagghe: Woow!

Arthur 8: Will play for sure. Love it!

Wrong Island Teamy: Perfect!

Max Pask: Brilliant!

But don’t take their word for granted, you can actually have a listen to what’s actually on it here (the vinyl scratches in between are NOT part of the track… they are to prevent sneaky grabbing).

25.11.2011, 13.55

artejournal feature about Xaver von Treyer

27.10.2011, 10.35

Allez Allez mix by Xaver von Treyer

13.10.2011, 09.25

Lunar Rover video. taken from The Torino Scale by Xaver von Treyer (out 10.24.11)

10.10.2011, 11.11

Nairobi impressions…

04.10.2011, 20.34

Superthrilled. I will be going to Nairobi on Sunday. Even though I am in the middle of promoting my upcoming album The Torino Scale, I just started working on the movie Nairobi Half Life directed by Tosh Gitonga and produced by Tom Tykwer amongst others. It’s a One Fine Day Film production, as Soul Boy was, which I also scored. I will be meeting local musicians and hopefully get to record some awesome music on location. Can’t wait to track down a Obukano player…

23.09.2011, 11.05

Device Of The Devil - Ltd one- sided 12” w/ flipside etching. Pre order starts now.

The Device Of The Devil - SSREC111 - Supersoul Recordings

free download track + ltd vinyl edition w/ one sided etching (111 copies) pre-order…

Get a customized copy with your initials worked into the artwork.

You can purchase it from the Paypal dropdown menu on the right side of this blog. Choose your shipping option and send us the initials you wish included. (double letters will be displayed by the letter and the number 2).

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Kabuki Robot

12.09.2011, 17.58

Torino Scale @ No74 impressions.

10.09.2011, 17.29


September 8th, 2011 at No74 store (Torstrasse 74, Berlin)

concept: Xaver von Treyer & Marek Polewski
art direction: Marek Polewski
music: Xaver von Treyer

experience an excerpt from the liveshow to the Supersoul recordings release
The Torino Scale (out October 24th, 2011)

support DJ: David Ducaruge (Acid Washed / Los Massieras)

press info:

07.09.2011, 11.01

Nobody Knows Anything
ltd 12", only 111 handmade