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The Device Of The Devil - SSREC111 - Supersoul Recordings

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One night while I was putting the finishing touches to one of the last tracks of my upcoming album The Torino Scale (out October 24th on Supersoul Recordings via Kompakt), I suddenly started experiencing weird glitches in my computer system.

Whenever I would re-open a certain session I would get random audio playing instead of the selected audio tracks. Spooky stuff… Even more spooky: the thing being played by the computer most often was an old vocal track I recorded with Betty La Gachette in 2006. Originally that vocal was meant to replace a computer voice on a demo I made, called Disco Infernale, that used a late 70s speech by a baptist preacher who had been to Studio 54 and found it so appaling and revolting he claimed ‘disco dancing is the device of the devil’. It’s a massive rant on how disco corrupts the soul and that ‘brother and sister’ don’t dance in such ways with each other. I loved the angle when I found this and made my Mac do the talking and the result was the mentioned demo. I went on to send that demo to several labels and one in particular found it interesting: Tiga from Turbo wrote me back saying he loved the track and that he’d think about it for a release after he dropped it at a club the same night. He didn’t get back to me (and I could see why as the piece wasn’t finished and just a sketch with little structure), but that rejection actually inspired me to start my own label Supersoul Recordings. I wouldn’t have to rely on other people to get my material released from now on. I followed to record a vocal with the original lyric as the computer was having major trouble pronouncing some of the very elaborate description of the shocked baptist. I then didn’t finish the track because I preferred releasing two instrumental tracks as my debut 12” (Motor City / Lost), which Tiga btw loved and supported big time (thx again!). That was in 2006. It got busy after that…

So the track had been forgotten until the time I wanted to finish my album: after I started hearing the vocal snippets in such a weird context I pulled up the vocal and made a track around it in an allnighter session, reminiscent of the original demo but way more frantic. Actually I did feel a bit possessed at 7 in the morning… It’s the 6:66 AM version. Well here it is now. It doesn’t fit the The Torino Scale  conceptwise, so at first I decided not to release it at all. After having played it to a few people and getting great feedback I decided to release it as 12” only. (Ivan Smagghe and Acid Washed amongst others were euphoric about it…). So here’s the deal: I am making 111 copies on a single sided 12” with a beautiful etching on the backside and a customized cover for each owner. Each buyer gets a personalized copy, as we will stencil out two holes in the black cardboard sleeve so the buyer’s initials are revealed as the record is turned inside the cover. Be quick, as there will only be 111 copies, not one more. It truly is the Device Of The Devil. Dancefloor destruction guaranteed.

yours truly, Xaver von Treyer

designed by Marek Polewski and Neven Cvijanovic

19.09.2011, 11.14

Nobody Knows Anything
ltd 12", only 111 handmade